$1.00 Cash Rebate for International Delight Coffee Creamer from Checkout 51 Valid Aug 1-7, 2013

On Checkout 51’s list this week (Aug 1-7, 2013) is International Delight Coffee Creamer, Any variety You will get $1.00 cashback rebate at Checkout 51. Here’s a pic of what it looks like. I found a couple prices of it at a few stores.

International Delight Coffee Creamer Checkout 51 Cash Rebate


  • Walmart = International Delight French Vanilla 946m = $4.67
    • International Delight French Vanilla 473mL = $2.47
    • International Delight Fat Free French Vanilla 473mL = $2.47
    • International Delight Southern Butter Pecan 946mL = $4.67
  • Shoppers Drug mart = International Delight French Vanilla = $3.49
  • Loblaws = International Delight hazelnut = $3.49 + 300 PC Plus points

Checkout 51 Cashback:

  • Cashback = $1.00

Other Coupons to Use:

You can use other coupons when you use Checkout 51.

  • On Saturday August 3, 2013 – It’s Tax Free day at Loblaws

Checkout51 offer expires midnight Wednesday Aug 7, 2013. You must purchase in Canada and upload your receipt between  Thurs Aug 1-7, 2013 to qualify for the cash back rebate. Check out here for more Checkout 51 cash rebates for this week.

Checkout 51 is a free app and available for iPhone from Apple AppStore and Android devices in Google Play. Visit Checkout51.com for their terms and conditions.

Thanks. Feel free to add a comment on where you found yours and prices.


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