Advil Coupon 2013 – Save $2 on Adult Advil Cold & Sinus

Advil Coupon Save $2

Advil coupon is a printable coupon.  You can find these printable coupons on Advil’s website in the Cold&Sinus section here.  Since this is a printed coupon, make sure your retailer accepts printed coupons.  Some places don’t accept it, but most major stores will.  I’ve used printed coupons at various places including Walmart and Loblaws with no problems.  Advil coupon is to save $2 when you buy any Advil Cold & Sinus, Advil Cold & Sinus Plus or Advil Cold & Sinus Nighttime product.

Advil Cold & Sinus Coupon Save $2

Advil Cold & Sinus Coupon Save $2

Advil coupon is valid only in Canada and offer not available in Quebec.  You can find Advil Cold & Sinus in any drugstore or supermarket.

Advil Cold & Flu is tough on cold and flu symptoms including fever, chills, body aches and pains, runny nose and sneezing. This fast-acting formula fights cold and flu symptoms from the start, so you can get the relief you need to rest and recover.


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