Benefibre Coupon – Save $5 on Benefibre 2015

Benefibre Coupon - Save $5 2015

Fiber? No thanks!! All I can of when I hear fibre is like eating a bowl of wood chips.  It almost tastes the same and even if you put syrup or chocolate on it.  It’s still ply wood.  But fiber is an essential part of everyone’s diet.   Daily intake for women should be 25 grams and men is 34 grams.  An apple contains 4 grams of fiber, brown rice has 3 grams of fiber per cup.  So, it’s hard to get more fiber.  I would need to eat 5 fruits with skins everyday, or any other food that has fiber, it’s no wonder that some people eat less than half the daily limit of fiber.  Fiber helps maintain a healthy digestive system.  Benefibre is 100% natural, taste-free, dissolves completely in beverages and soft foods, and won’t thicken.  Benefibre has no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, and no added fillers.  I found a coupon for Benefibre at  It’s a printable coupon, see what it looks like here.

Benefibre Coupon

Benefibre Coupon - Save $5 on Benefibre 2015

Benefibre coupon is valid only in Canada.    Here’s a link to Benefibre’s website, it describes it’s product and different recipes you can use with Benefibre.   The only ingredient in Benefibre is inulin.  According to their website, inulin is a 100% natural soluble fibre that is extracted from the chicory root. Common green leafy lettuces, endive, and radicchio are also members of the chicory family. Unlike some fibre supplements, Benefibre made with inulin dissolves completely in water and won’t thicken.  You can find Benefibre in any supermarket.


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