Can I Use an iPad or iTouch Without a Camera for Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 How it Works - Get Started

Checkout 51 is an app that helps you save money by giving you cash back rebate on groceries.  The way it works it you see what’s on the list of cash back rebates on the Checkout 51 app, go to the store, make a purchase, take a pic of the receipt and submit your picture.  After you accumulate over $20, Checkout 51 will send you a cheque for your cash rebates.

This app is designed for an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iTouch with camera functionality.  So the question is:

Can I Use an iPhone, iPad or iTouch Without a Camera for Checkout 51?

No, you can’t.  You must be able to take a picture on the device.  I know I thought of it because the camera ability on an iPhone 4 is not that great.  The words come out all blurry.  I thought of taking a picture on another device and sending it over to my iPhone, but the Checkout 51 receipt submission doesn’t work that way.  When you want to submit a receipt, you cannot select a file from your photo gallery.  You have to take a picture and immediately upload it to Checkout 51.   So the device you want to submit a receipt on must have a camera built in.


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