Checkout51 FAQ Archive

0 Remaining for Nordica Cottage Cheese – Checkout 51 Apr 4-10, 2013

I was looking at the Checkout 51 app this morning and the Nordica Cottage Cheese cash rebates only had a few left.  I just took a glance at it again and now it’s all gone.  There are no more Checkout 51 cash rebates available this week for Nordica Cottage Cheese.   See… That means if

How to Reset Your Password in Checkout 51

You can easily reset your password in Checkout 51.  I know I just created a silly password when I first started because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to use this app.  But now that I know it works, I want to create a stronger password so no one else can redeem my

Checkout 51 has over 100,000 Members as of Feb 2013

As of Feb 13, 2013 – Checkout 51 had over 100,000 members. They just posted this number on their Checkout 51 Facebook page.   If that’s the number of members after 2 months, I wonder what number it’s at now.  I think when the app becomes available in the Google Play Store the numbers will

Checkout 51 Available on Android Devices in Spring 2013

Checkout 51 recently mentioned on their Facebook page that the lead developer is putting in some extra hours to get the Checkout 51 app ready for Android release.  It should be available by spring this year 2013.   This is great news since then I can install the app on my mom’s Samsung Note II

What Happens After I Submit a Receipt to Checkout 51?

So you’ve shopped and purchased items off the Checkout 51 list, taken a picture of the receipt using the Checkout 51 app and submitted your receipt.  Now what happens? Basically your receipt is sent to Checkout 51 for verification and your receipt is pending approval.  They will take up 48 hours to approve / reject

Will my Account Balance Disappear After I log out of Checkout 51?

I had a fear of losing my account balance in Checkout 51 after I logged out of the account or when it crashed a few weeks ago.  Even when Appstore wanted to upgrade my Checkout 51 app, I was afraid that I would lose my account balance.  But after going through multiple Checkout 51 upgrades,

How do I check my Checkout 51 Account Balance?

Once you scan in a Checkout 51 receipt and it has been approved, you will start accumulating Checkout 51 cash rebates.  Once you reach a balance of $20, you can choose to ‘Request a cheque’ or save the money until you want to get paid.  I would ask to get paid as soon as I

How to Turn Off Alerts and Notifications in Checkout 51 App

Every Thursday Checkout 51 will update it’s list of groceries that it will give cash rebates for.   If you don’t want to receive alerts on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch you can easily turn off these alerts and notifications in your device settings.  I will show you how to turn off the alerts and

Can I Use an iPad or iTouch Without a Camera for Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is an app that helps you save money by giving you cash back rebate on groceries.  The way it works it you see what’s on the list of cash back rebates on the Checkout 51 app, go to the store, make a purchase, take a pic of the receipt and submit your picture.

When Do New Offers Come Out for Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a very powerful app that allows you to save money without clipping coupons.  You don’t even need to print out coupons.  You just need to see the list of Checkout 51 cash rebates every week, purchase at the store, scan in the receipt and get your cash rebate.  Once your cash rebates