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10 Questions & Answers about Checkout 51 Receipts

There are many questions surrounding using receipts for Checkout 51 groceries.  There are questions such as: How many times can I use the same receipt? Can I redeem multiples of the same item? Can I buy everything on one receipt? Can I use a receipt from last week to redeem this weeks Checkout 51 cash

Checkout 51 is not a scam

I’m like you, I don’t want to be scammed or scammed into anything that gives out my money or takes my money without my consent. That’s why I was a little wary when I first found out about Checkout 51. But before using it, I did a little research about Checkout 51, what it does,

Checkout 51 – What does “Not Many Left” Mean?

Checkout 51 offers are limited! That’s why when you see a hot item, you should immediately purchase on Thursday and don’t wait too long to scan in your receipt.  They don’t list how many cash rebates are available for each item, but sometimes they do “sell out”.  Meaning you will not able to claim any

How Do I Upload a Receipt on Checkout 51?

After you purchase your products from the store, save the receipt.  Don’t throw them out.  Open the Checkout 51 app and scroll down to the bottom, where you will see the button ‘Upload Receipt’.  I find that I have problems taking clear pictures of my receipts with my iPhone 4.  So I take a picture

How to Create an Account with Checkout 51

Checkout 51 just started in Dec 2012, but has gained a lot of momentum this year.  That’s because, it’s free to download and also helps you save money on groceries.  All Checkout 51 does is it lists groceries every week with $ cash backs, you buy these products, take a picture of the receipt and

How do I get the Checkout 51 App?

Checkout 51 makes couponing fun and easy.  Every Thursday there is a new list of coupons available.  At first I thought I was restricted to buy at one store, but you can buy these products from any supermarket and save money.  You can buy from No Frills, Costco, Walmart, Food Basics, or any other store

Checkout 51 Save You Money Guidelines

Checkout 51 Save You Money Guidelines There are some rules to using the Checkout 51 app.  Most of them are common sense and they are fair.  Here is a listing from the Checkout51 site of their rules and guidelines for a receipt to be accepted and for you to collect your cash back offers. You

Checkout 51 App to Help Save You Money

Checkout 51 is a new free Apple app that helps save u money.   I came across this app a few weeks ago and found it’s a great way to save me money when I go out shopping.  The way Checkout 51 works is that every Thursday morning they list out a list of grocery