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Febreze Coupon – Save $1 on any Frebreze Product

Save $1.00 off any ONE Frebreze product.  Febreze helps eliminate odors and tough smells.  It helps with those boys hockey bags, gym bags or that stinky wet dog.  Febreze will help with any tough odor that you don’t want to smell right now and will clean later.  Febreze has many different products to help you

Swiffer Coupon – Save $3 on Swiffer Duster, Wetjet Starter

Well I wish I found this coupon earlier when I repurchased my swiffer wetjet because I used it so much.  The handle broke after like 10 years of use.  I bought a new one and totally use it all the time to wash the floors.  I’m not one of those people who would wring a

Cascade Coupon – Save $3 on Cascade Tubs

I love Cascade Tubs.  I purchased a ton of them because I hate washing dishes by hand.  If you have a diswasher, your dishes will love Cascade too because they leave your dishes sparkling clean.  Cascade Pure Essentials dishwasher detergent is designed for your family and delivers the consistent clean you expect from Cascade. It

Glade Coupon – Save $6 on a Glade Wax Warmer 2015

House smelling bad or having kids going to college? Stock up on Glade wax warmers before the school starts and they move out.  When they move into the dorm, they will need some sort of air freshener.  The Glade wax melter is a pretty good option.  It melts up the wax and fills up the