Checkout 51 has over 100,000 Members as of Feb 2013

Checkout 51 has over 100,000 members as of Feb 2013.  Congrats!

As of Feb 13, 2013 – Checkout 51 had over 100,000 members. They just posted this number on their Checkout 51 Facebook page.   If that’s the number of members after 2 months, I wonder what number it’s at now.  I think when the app becomes available in the Google Play Store the numbers will continue to climb.  Everyone wants to save money and an app is the best, no nonsense way to help us save money.

Some of the places like, or want me to print or mail the coupons.  I don’t even have access to a printer and I want to buy the items right away.  So I can’t print the coupons and I don’t want to wait for it to come in the mail.  I also don’t want to seem like a coupon nerd at the checkout and have everyone stare at me while I fumble around for loose coupons.  Checkout 51 really found it’s niche in attracting young professionals to their app.

Congrats Checkout 51!! I love your app!!!

If you don’t have Checkout 51, you can download the app for free from or from the Apple AppStore.

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