Coldsore-FX $5.00 Rebate at Checkout 51 Mar 28, 2013

On Checkout 51’s list this week (Mar 28, 2013 to Apr 3, 2013) is COLDSORE-FX®, any COLDSORE-FX® product. You will get $5.00 cashback at Checkout 51.

A cold sore is nobody’s friend.  These unsightly, contagious sore often appear around the mouth and lips.  They last about 10 days and usually when our immune system is weak.  Now there’s a better way to fight cold soress with COLDSORE-FX.  It is a natural health product that shortens the healing time of cold sores by an average of 4 days and relieves the pain.  So you can look and feel better, faster.  Coldsore-FX can be used at anytime during the cold sore cycle.  Here’s a pic of what it looks like. I found a couple prices of it at a few stores.

Checkout 51 Coldsore-FX for Mar 28 - April 3, 2013


  •  Loblaws = $25.49
  • Shoppers Drugmart = 45 Capsules = $29.99

Checkout 51 Cashback:

  • Cashback = $5.00

Other Coupons to Use:

You can use other coupons when you use Checkout 51.

  • Coldsore-Fx Facebook coupon = $5 off here

Checkout51 offer Expires midnight Wednesday April 3, 2013. You must upload your receipt before midnight Wed April 3, 2013 to qualify for the cash back. Check out here for more Checkout 51 cash rebates for this week. Visit for their terms and conditions.

You can also visit to download the Checkout51 app.

Thanks.  Feel free to add a comment on where you found yours and prices.

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