Dempsters Coupon – Save $2 on Dempsters Bagels

Dempsters Bagels Coupon 12 Grains Bagels

I love bagels.  I eat bagels before a race to give me enough carbs and energy for my run.    I remember one time when I didn’t eat pasta before a marathon, the morning of I was so hungry.  I was scouring for food on the race grounds before the race.  Luckily I found a food station that had loads of bagels.  I ate like 3 bagels right there with nothing on it.  It tasted so good.  So don’t be without bagels before your race.  Here is a coupon to save $2 on Dempsters bagels.  You can find them at and they are printed coupons so you can print them directly from your own computer.  Here is what they look like.

Dempster's 12 Grains Bagels 2015 Coupon Dempsters Bagels Coupon

Dempsters coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can find Dempsters bagels in any supermarket, grocery store across Canada.   Here’s a link to all about Dempsters bagels.  My favourite is still the sesame seed bagel or the everything bagel, it’s a tradeoff.  Each bagel is made using a special recipe and authentic baking process for the texture you love – soft and chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside.


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