Ebates has Awesome Customer Service – New Double Rebates

Ebates has Awesome CUSTOMER service New Double Rebates

Ebates has awesome customer service.  I contacted them today because I purchased something from Godaddy and the rebate I should have received didn’t show up in my account right away.  Last time I purchased something it was in my account instantly.  So I contacted Ebates customer service and submitted a ticket.  I didn’t expect to receive any response for a couple of days because I thought these sites don’t have many people supporting them.  To my surprise, Ebates contacted me within 2 hours with a response. I was really surprised.   Read the post where I just found out about Ebates here.

Also my Godaddy rebate showed up later.  I was very happy for that because it’s Labor Day Double rebate weekend.   I would have been very upset if I didn’t get my 14% cash back.

Also, looks like Ebates switched up some of the double rebate stores.  There are different ones up there now.  Click here to check out their updated list of double cash back event.  Below is a short list of what’s available.  See the site for more details.

  • Banana Republic was 2% now get 6.0% cash back
  • Osh Kosh was 2.5% now get 5% cash back rebate
  • Indigo was 5%, now get up to 10% cash back rebate
  • Sephora was 4%, now it’s 8% cash back rebate

Click here to see more.



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