Eggs Coupon – Save $1 on Two Dozen Eggs

Egg coupon - Save on 2 dozen eggs

This is a new coupon available on’s website.  I couldn’t add it to my coupon cart because it’s only available in certain provinces.  You can either have the coupon mailed to you or can print it off directly at home.  You will receive Websaver coupons within 2-3 weeks.  All coupons are free and no charge to you.  Eggs coupon is to Save $1 off the purchase of 2 dozen eggs from Nova Scotia Egg Producers.

Egg coupon - Save $1 on 2 dozen eggs in NS

Egg coupon – Save $1 on 2 dozen eggs in NS

Egg coupon is available only in Nova Scotia, Canada.  If you don’t live in Nova Scotia, the coupon will not be added to your cart.  It will be greyed out.

Nova Scotia egg farmers take great pride in being able to show you just how easy it is to prepare delicious meals for your families using fresh Nova Scotia eggs.


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