Gerber Coupon – Save $1 off any Gerber Baby Product

Gerber Baby Product Canada

Gerber coupon is a printed coupon available from  This is a hidden coupon and only available from Gerber’s Facebook page.  You can find the coupon here.  You have to like Gerber’s Facebook page before you can access the coupon.    Visit the Gerber Facebook page, like the page, clip the coupon, create a account and print your coupon.  Gerber coupon is to get $1 off any Gerber product.

Gerber Baby Product - Save $1 on Gerber product

Gerber Baby Product – Save $1 on Gerber product

Gerber coupon is available only for Canada.  You can find Gerber baby products in any supermarket, grocery store and baby stores.  Here are examples of some prices at:

  • Walmart = Gerber® Cereal Rice Banana 227g = $2.97
    • Gerber® Cereal Mixed Fruit 227g = $2.97
    • Gerber Graduates Wobbly Wheels = $2.77
    • Gerber 2 Handle Sip and Smile Cup 7 oz – 2-Pack = $8.84
  • Toys r us = Gerber Nuk Ultra Dry Nursing Pads 60 Count = $9.99
    • Gerber 3-Pack 5oz Nature Orthodontic Silicone Bottle – Pink and Green = $19.99

Gerber® Baby Cereals are 100% wholesome. Gerber® Baby Cereals have no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colours or flavours – just 100% wholesome goodness. With every spoonful, your baby’s little body will continue to grow and with each new stage you and baby discover, his little personality will continue to grow as well (the future athletes love to throw things when you’re not looking). So be excited, because starting baby cereal isn’t just a milestone, it’s the first of many, and the start of a future of happy mealtimes!


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