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Free sample of Gerber Graduates Toddlers Drink

Request your free sample of Gerber Graduates Toddler drink.  Simply fill out the request form and it will take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.  The Gerber Graduates Toddler drink is available for a limited time only, so order your free samples today.  Click here to order.


A wholesome boost for growing bodies.

Help ensure your active toddler gets more of the nutrition they need. NEW Gerber® Graduates®Toddler Drink helps fill the nutritional gaps in your little one’s diet to help them grow up healthy and strong!

Nutrition that’s Profoundly different.

It’s the first and only toddler drink with B. lactis, a probiotic that contributes to your child’s healthy digestive tract flora. It’s daily nutrition that’s different from any other – Profoundly different.

Plus, it has the natural goodness of milk and is packed with multiple vitamins and minerals. While a multivitamin may not be an option for 1 to 2 year olds, a daily serving of Gerber® Graduates®Toddler Drink helps you feel good about their nutrition with:

  • 28 nutrients – including 25 vitamins and minerals to help support normal growth and development
    • Protein to help build antibodies 
    • Calcium and Vitamin D – for strong bones and teeth
    • Iron – to help build red blood cells
  • Probiotic B. lactis – contributes to your toddler’s healthy digestive tract flora with 1 billion B. lactisper 200 ml serving
  • Delicious, kid-approved taste – with a yummy vanilla flavour they will love

Appropriate for children from 1-3 years.

Try this!

Make this a delicious part of your toddler’s day by blending fresh or puréed fruit such as strawberries or bananas with 200 ml of prepared Gerber® Graduates® Toddler Drink. Blend until smooth.

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