Giving away Free Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs Downtown Toronto

Kinder Surprise Mini Chocolate Eggs - Free Giveaway Downtown Toronto

I passed by Yonge and College today and they were giving away free Kinder Chocolate mini eggs.  There is a huge overwhelming Easter Bunny at the corner who looked kind of scary at first but with the upcoming Easter holidays, I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.  There were a number of people there with baskets of Kinder chocolate mini eggs and giving them away for free.  I’m not sure how long they will be there, but head over to Yonge and College today if you want to sample some free Kinder chocolate mini eggs.  I wonder what’s inside!!

Ok, I just ate one and there is no toy inside, yes… I was half hoping that there would be.  A little disappointed but inside the chocolate is more chocolate! It’s white crunchy chocolate.  The Kinder mini eggs taste quite delicious.


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