Highland Farms Flyer Effective October 17 – October 23, 2014

Highland Farms Flyer

Highland Farms Flyer Effective October 17 – October 23, 2014.  Save money on groceries.  Check out what’s on sale this week and in this weeks flyer.

Highland Farms Country Kitchen Store-Baked Cookies 2.99 each
Stonemill Bakehouse Sourdough Sliced Bread 2.69 each
Elite Sweets Fresh 8-inch Bacio Mousse Cake 19.99 each
Villaggio Sliced Bread 675g loaf, Crustini Buns pkg of 8 or Sausage Buns pkg of 6 5.00 for 2
Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza 3.99 each
Leclerc Vital Cookies 5.00 for 2
Happy Planet Soup or Chili 4.99 each
Danone Activia Yogurt 8x100g, Oikos Greek Yogurt 500g or Danino Drinkable Yogurt 8x93ml 3.99 each
Aquafina Demineralized Water 3.99 each
Nature’s Path Organic Eco Pac Cereal 7.99 each
Leclerc Muffin Bars 260g, Go Pure 140g 5.00 for 2
Gay Lea Butter 3.99 each
Kettle Brand Popcorn 2.99 each
Tropical Grove Fruit Cocktails 5.00 for 2
Finish Dishwasher Tabs pkg of 60 or Quantum pkg of 48 14.99 each
Viva Vantage Paper Towels 5.99 each
Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles or Pancakes 1.79 each
Patak’s Cooking Sauce 3.99 each
Hershey’s Assortment 50’s, Twizzlers 60’s or Jolly Rancher Lollipops 180’s 8.99 each
Swanson Hungry-Man Dinners 3.99 each
Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars 1.99 each
Mighty Leaf Tea 8.99 each
Tootsie Roll Snack Bar 3.99 each
Stouffer’s & Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees 5.00 for 2
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea 7.99 each
Beanitos Bean Chips 3.99 each
Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins 4.00 for 2
Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet 2L or Sweet Canadian Options Novelties 4-8 pk 3.99 each
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 905g or Syrup 750ml 6.00 for 2
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares 6.99 each
Kellogg’s Jumbo Cereal Corn Flakes 1.35kg, Raisin Bran 1.15kg, Rice Krispies 1.2kg, Just Right 935g or Vector 850g 6.97 each
Nestlé Halloween Minis Treats 8.99 each
Liberté Organic Yogourt 3.99 each
Lay’s Halloween Treat Bags 8.99 each
Black Diamond Cheese Spread 2.99 each
Quaker Granola Bars Harvest Crunch, Yogourt, Fibre & Omega-3 5.00 for 2
Gay Lea Sour Cream 1.99 each
Black Diamond Cheese Slices 3.49 each
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! 0.99 each
Delverde Pasta 4.00 for 3
Dove Body Wash 3.99 each
Danone Silhouettes Yogurt 1.79 each
Meat & Deli
Stella Asiago Cheese Mild 9.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Pork Side Ribs 4.49/lb
Cayer Havarti Cheese 5.99/lb
Mastro Genoa Salami 6.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Pork Side Ribs 2.99/lb
Cuddy Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 8.99/lb
Fresh Beef Outside Round Steaks 4.99/lb
Fresh Beef Eye of Round Roast 4.99/lb
Fresh Beef Outside Round Cutlets 5.99/lb
Fresh Stewing Beef 5.99/lb
Fresh Lean Ground Beef 4.49/lb
Fresh Ontario Chicken Leg Quarters 1.69/lb
Janes Frozen Chicken Wings 12.99 each
Piller’s Charcuterie Sliced Deli Meats 5.49 each
Ocean Jewel Frozen Fillets 8.99 each
Johnsonville Pork Sausages 4.49 each
Fresh Ontario Whole Dressed Rainbow Trout 5.99/lb
Cayer Domestic Swiss Cheese 8.99/lb
Paradise Farms Frozen Burgers or Sausages 10.99 each
Fresh Wild Pickerel Fillets 12.99/lb
Imported from Italy Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese 16.99/lb
Schneiders Frozen Oktoberfest Sausages 2.99 each
Fresh Tilapia Fillets 6.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Pork Shoulder Blade Chops 3.49/lb
Sardo Olives 7.99 each
Anco Gouda Cheese 3.99 each
Fresh Ontario Boneless Pork Shoulder Blade Roast 2.99/lb
Tre Stelle Provolone Cheese 8.99/lb
Fresh McIntosh Apples 2.99 each
Fresh Roses, 50cm 14.99 each
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Winter Green Cabbage 0.99 each
Classic Organic Salads Spring Mix or Baby Spinach 4.99 each
Fresh Clementines 1.99/lb
Fresh, Organic Peeled Mini Carrots 1.99 each
Fresh Yellow Peaches 1.99/lb
Fresh, Organic Royal Gala Apples 1.99/lb
Fresh Eggplants 0.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Greenhouse Grown Fresh Mini Seedless Cucumbers 5.00 for 2
Ontario Homegrown Fresh, Sweet Green Peppers 0.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Greenhouse Grown Fresh Tomatoes on the Vine 1.49/lb
Pom Wonderful Juice 2.99 each
Ontario Homegrown Fresh, Sweet Blue Grapes 3.99 each
Fresh Pom Wonderful Pomegranates 5.00 for 2
Fresh Abate Pears 1.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Yellow Flesh Potatoes 2.99 each



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