Highland Farms Flyer Valid Fri Oct 3 – Thurs Oct 16, 2014

Highland Farms Flyer

Highland Farms Flyer Valid Fri Oct 3 – Thurs Oct 16, 2014.  Thanksgiving is around the corner, buy all your Thanksgiving groceries at Highland Farms.  Here are the grocery items on sale this week at Highland Farms.

Baker Street Fresh Cupcakes 1.99 each
Stonemill Bakehouse Store-Baked Artisan Bread 3.49 each
Highland Farms Country Kitchen Fresh Store-Baked 8-inch Apple or Pumpkin Pie 3.99 each
Dempster’s Dinner Rolls 2.99 each
Ace Bakery Baguettes 2.99 each
La Rocca Fresh 10-inch Pumpkin Cranberry Mascarpone Cake 29.99 each
Dufflet Pastries Fresh 8-inch Brandy Pumpkin Cheesecake 19.99 each

Breyers Classic Rich & Creamy Frozen Dessert 2.99 each
Central Roast Mixed Nuts Salted or Unsalted 375g or Golden Berry Energy 400g 7.99 each
Mott’s Garden Cocktail Regular & Low Sodium 1.89L or Orangina 1.75L 2.49 each
Simply Orange Juice or Lemonade 3.99 each
Primo Lasagne 1.49 each
Pepsi Soft Drinks 5.00 for 3
Primo Pasta Regular 900g, Pasta Sauce 680ml 5.00 for 4
Knorr or Campbell’s Broth 1.99 each
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail 2.99 each
Western Cream Cheese 2.99 each
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal 3.99 each
McCafé TASSIMO T DISC 9.99 each
Arm & Hammer 2x Laundry Detergent 3.99 each
Pillsbury Regular Crescent Rolls & Wiener Wraps 4.00 for 3
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 3.99 each
McCafé Roast and Ground Coffee 16.99 each
Burnbrae Farms Prestige Large White Eggs 2.49 dozen
Christie Snack Crackers 5.00 for 2
Magnum Mini Ice Cream Bars 4.99 each
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream 2.89 each
McCafé Roast and Ground Coffee 6.99 each
Yoplait Source Greek Yogourt 8x100g or Yop Drinkable Yogourt 6x200ml 4.49 each
Terra Vegetable Chips 3.99 each
Europe’s Best Frozen Fruit 3.99 each
McCafé Keurig® Compatible Single Serve Pods† 9.99 each
Yoplait Yogourt Source or Yoptimal 2.49 each
Lay’s Potato Chips 255g or Kettle Cooked Chips 180g 8.00 for 3
Alexia Frozen Fries 3.49 each
Keebler Ready Crust 2.49 each
Sealtest 35% Whipping Cream 473ml or 5% & 10% Cream 1L 2.49 each
Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner 3.49 each
McCain Frozen Superfries 2.99 each
Duncan Hines Cake Mix 450-515g or Frosting 450-459g 1.99 each
Allen’s Apple Juice & Cocktails or Oasis Nutrisource Juice Blends 5.00 for 2
Sealtest Sour Cream 1.99 each
Chapman’s Slice Cream Ice Cream 3.99 each
Franco American Gravy 0.99 each
San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverage 3.99 each
Arctic Gardens Frozen Vegetables 2.99 each
Sealtest Butter 3.99 each
Stove Top Stuffing Mix 1.29 each
Perrier or San Pellegrino Carbonated Spring Water 13.99 case
Algoma Sweet Apple Cider 3.99 each
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 1.99 each
Pepsi or Coke Soft Drinks 11.00 for 3
Kraft Salad Dressing 5.00 for 2
Mott’s Clamato 2.99 each

Meat & Deli
Ocean Prime Frozen Seafood Mix 7.99 each
Saputo Bocconcini 6.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Boneless Pork Loin Roast 3.99/lb
Fresh Whole European Sea Bass 7.99/lb
Tre Stelle Mascarpone Cheese 7.99 each
Fresh Ontario Rack of Pork Roast 4.99/lb
Fresh Wild Ocean Perch Fillets 6.99/lb
Saputo Mini Friulano Cheese 7.99 each
Fresh Beef Boneless Top Sirloin Roast 6.99/lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets 7.99/lb
San Daniele Boneless Prosciutto 10.99/lb
Fresh Beef Capless Prime Rib Roast 7.99/lb
Grade A Butterball Frozen Turkeys 1.99/lb
Brandt Black Forest Ham 4.49/lb
Maple Leaf Bacon 4.99 each
Johnsonville Breakfast Pork Sausages 3.99 each
Maple Leaf Country Kitchen 1/2 Smoked Hams 7.99 each
Springer’s Whole Smoked Bone-In Pork Picnics 2.49/lb
Tre Stelle Grana Padano or Romano Lupa Cheese 13.99 each
Alexis de Portneuf Brie 6.99 each
King Cole Frozen Grade A Ducks 2.99/lb
Agropur L’Extra Brie 8.99/lb
Frozen Grade A Cornish Hens 4.49/lb
Ocean Jewel Frozen Cooked Shrimp Ring 3.99 each
O Sole Mio Fresh Lasagna 3.99 each
Fresh Ontario Rack of Veal Roast 7.99/lb
Ocean Prime Frozen Cooked White Shrimp 11.99 each
Silani Mozzarella 260g or Fresh Ricotta Cheese 300g tub 2.49 each
Fresh Beef Capless Rib Steaks 8.99/lb

Fresh, Organic Jonagold Apples 1.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Rutabagas 0.99 each
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Squash Pepper, Butternut, Buttercup or Pie Pumpkin 0.69/lb
Fresh Cortland Apples 0.79/lb
Fresh Mini Seedless Watermelons 2.99 each
Fresh Extra Sweet Golden Pineapples 2.99 each
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Sweet Potatoes 0.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Carrots 0.99 each
Fresh Moscato Grapes 1.99/lb
Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries 1.99 each
Fresh Asparagus 2.99/lb
Fresh Classic Salads 4.99 each
Fresh Jumbo Fall Bouquet 14.99 each
Mann’s Organic Fresh Vegetable Tray with Creamy Ranch Dip 6.99 each
Fresh Black Plums 0.99/lb
Fresh, Organic Bartlett Pears 1.99/lb


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