Highland Farms Flyer valid Friday Jan 30 – Thurs Feb 5, 2015

Highland Farms Flyer

Highland Farms Flyer valid Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2015. Save money on groceries this week at Highland Fams. Save money on groceries.  Sale on items include asparagus, cod fillets, cheese, sliced bread and more.  Check out the flyer below for more sales at Highland Farms.

Dempster’s Sliced Bread 5.00 for 2
All Stars Bakery New York Style Rye Bread 2.49 each
Fresh La Rocca 8-inch Dulce Napoleon Cake 19.99 each
Gusto della Casa Frozen Pasta 4.99 each
La Molisana Egg Pasta 1.69 each
Grace Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 14.99 each
Black Diamond Cheese Spread 185g or CheeStrings 168g 2.99 each
E.D. Smith Triple Fruits Spread Regular & No Sugar Added 2.99 each
WOW Wheat & Gluten Free Cookies 4.99 each
Saputo Shredded Cheese 4.99 each
Unico Tomato Paste 0.99 for 2
Dawn or Ivory Liquid Dish Soap 1.99 each
Burnbrae Farms Prestige Club Pack 3.99 each
O.N.E. Coconut Water 3.79 each
Chapman’s Canadian Collection Novelties 2.99 each
Danone Activia Yogurt 3.99 each
Thai Kitchen Premium Coconut Milk 1.98 each
VH or Healthy Choice Steamers Frozen Entrees 2.99 each
Astro Athentikos Greek Yogourt 3.49 each
Teriyaki Experience Sauce Sensasian 2.98 each
Wong Wing Egg Rolls 680g, Spring Rolls 545g or Entrees 400g 4.49 each
Olympic Krema Organic Yogourt 3.99 each
Coca-Cola Soft Drinks 11.00 for 3
Dad’s or Peek Freans Cookies 5.00 for 2
Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L or Unico Grapeseed Oil 750ml 4.99 each
General Mills Cheerios 1.99 each
Old Dutch Potato Chips 270g or Restaurante Tortilla Chips 250-360g 5.00 for 2
Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 1.99 each
Ragu Old World Style Pasta Sauce 0.99 each
Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn 3.99 each
Unico Sunflower Oil 6.99 each
Baxters Soup 2.49 each
Kettle Brand Potato Chips 5.00 for 2
Sealtest Milk 3.99 each
Aurora Sea Salt 0.99 each
Mott’s Clamato 1.89L or McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce 57ml 2.99 each
Del Monte Refrigerated Fruit Juice & Cocktails 2.49 each
Folgers Ground Coffee 8.99 each
Grace Organic Coconut Sugar 6.99 each
Sealtest Sour Cream 1.99 each
Meat & Deli
Tre Stelle Provolone Cheese 8.99/lb
Fresh Bone-in Beef Shank 5.99/lb
Fresh Beef Eye of Round Roast 5.99/lb
Cayer Havarti Cheese 6.99/lb
Fresh Beef Outside Round Cutlets 5.99/lb
The Bakeshop Butter Tarts 500g or Lemon Tarts 540g 2.99 each
Imported Swiss Emmentaler Cheese 14.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Bone-in Veal Shank 6.99/lb
Fresh Whole Dressed Whiting 2.99/lb
Saputo Bocconcini 3.69 each
Fresh Ontario Veal Stew 6.99/lb
Fresh Cod Fillets 9.99/lb
Stella Asiago Cheese 12.99 each
Fresh Ontario Veal Shoulder Arm Chop 4.99/lb
Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillets 6.99/lb
Castello Traditional Blue Cheese 10.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Lean Ground Veal 3.99/lb
Ocean Jewel Frozen Breaded Shrimp Trio 9.99 each
Fontaine Santé Humm! Hummus Cocktail 2.99 each
Norwegian Fjord Frozen Smoked Steelhead Salmon 17.99 each
Schneiders Frozen Chicken Wings 7.99 each
Janes Disney Kids Chicken Nuggets 7.99 each
Maple Lodge Farms Chicken Wieners 1.69 each
Cardinal Roadhouse Frozen Beef Burgers 16.99 each
Maple Lodge Farms Chicken Bacon Style 3.99 each
Fletcher’s Black Forest Ham 4.49/lb
Fresh Ontario Veal Shoulder Blade 4.49/lb
Cuddy Oven Roasted Chicken or Turkey Breast 8.99/lb
Fresh Lean Ground Beef 3.99/lb
Armstrong Cheddar Cheese Mild, Medium & Marble 7.99/lb
Fresh Stewing Beef 6.99/lb
Fresh Red Grapefruit 0.99 for 3
Fresh Plums 1.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Baking Potatoes 2.49 each
Fresh White Cauliflower 2.99 each
Fresh, Organic Golden Delicious Apples 1.99/lb
Fresh, Organic Green Cabbage 1.99 each
Fresh Cantaloupes 2.99 each
Fresh, Organic Romaine Hearts 3.99 each
Fresh Apples 1.99 each
Fresh Tulips or Hyacinths 3.99 each
Fresh Asparagus 2.99/lb
Fresh Bosc Pears 1.49/lb
Fresh Seedless Minneola Tangelos 1.49/lb
Fresh Zucchini 0.99/lb
Greenhouse Grown Fresh Tomatoes 1.49/lb



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