Highland Farms Flyer valid Jan 16-22, 2015

Highland Farms Flyer

Highland Farms Flyer valid Jan 16-22, 2015. Save money on groceries this week at Highland Fams. On sale this week include Kraft peanut butter, Iogo Yogurt, Black diamond cheese and more. Check out the flyer below for more sales at Highland Farms.

Villaggio Sliced Bread 675g loaf, Crustini Buns pkg of 8 or Sausage Buns pkg of 6 5.00 for 2
Fresh Store-Made 9-inch Mixed Fruit Flan 19.99 each
Rudolph’s Bakeries Poppy Seed & Bran or Linseed Rye Bread 1.99 each
Fresh Store-Baked Mini Danish 2.99 each
Kraft Peanut Butter 4.99 each
UFC Refresh 100% Coconut Water 1.59 each
Golden Gate Breadmate Margarine 0.99 each
Kraft Salad Dressing 5.00 for 2
Delissio Frozen Pizza Rising Crust, Pizzeria or Garlic Dipping Bites 4.99 each
Natrel Lactose Free Milk 4.49 each
Tassimo T-Discs 8.99 each
Magnum Mini Ice Cream Bars 4.99 each
Liberté Organic Yogourt, Selected Varieties 3.99 each
General Mills Cheerios Cereal 2.99 each
Highland Farms Country Kitchen Frozen Lasagna, Cannelloni Meat or Cheese or Cabbage Rolls 11.99 each
Olympic Organic Yogurt 3.99 each
Tropical Grove Fruit Cocktails 5.00 for 2
Alexia Frozen Fries 3.49 each
So Nice Organic Soy or Almond Beverage 6.99 for 2
Breyers Classic Rich & Creamy Frozen Dessert 2.99 each
Minute Maid Frozen Fruit Punch 2.00 for 3
Naturegg Organic Fresh Large Eggs 5.99 each
Nature’s Path Organic Hot Oatmeal 3.99 each
Primo Pasta Sauce or Tomato Sauce Assorted Varieties or Passata di Pomodoro 5.00 for 4
Hyleys Tea 4.49 each
PurOliva Blended Oil or Sardo Canola Oil 4.99 each
Emma Balsamic Vinegar 1.99 each
Black Diamond Cheese 4.99 each
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 3.99 each
Mamma Nuccia Traditional Gnocchi 0.99 each
Minute Maid & Five Alive Fruit Drinks & Juice or Nestea Iced Tea 1.99 each
Kraft Shredded Cheese 5.99 each
Neurogenesis Happy Water 1.99 each
Primo Pasta Regular 900g or Whole Grain 375g 5.00 for 4
Kraft Singles Cheese Slices 4.99 each
Arthur’s Smoothies 6.00 for 2
iögo Yogurt 4.99 each
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 3.29 each
TrueBlue Juice 2.99 each
Yoplait Yop Yogourt Drink 0.79 each
Meat & Deli
Fresh Boneless Beef Blade Roast 4.99/lb
Silani Cheese Wedges 4.99 each
Fresh Boneless Beef Blade Steak 5.99/lb
Fresh Wild Ocean Perch Fillets 6.99/lb
Silani Mascarpone Cheese 6.99 each
Fresh Inside Round Beef Cutlets 5.99/lb
Fresh Wild Haddock Fillets 7.99/lb
Schneiders Bologna 4.99 each
Fresh Stewing Beef 6.99/lb
Fresh Swordfish Steaks 12.99/lb
Schneiders Bacon 4.99 each
High Liner Frozen Fish Family Pack 5.99 each
Schneiders Pepperettes 7.99 each
Janes Frozen Chicken Wings 11.99 each
Maple Leaf Top Dogs Wieners 3.99 each
Casa Italia Extra Lean Porchetta 7.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Whole Leg of Pork 1.39/lb
Lilydale Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 8.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Pork Belly 2.99/lb
Cayer Domestic Swiss Cheese 9.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Boneless Pork Loin Roast 2.99/lb
Saputo Provolone Gigantino Cheese 8.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Whole New York Pork Shoulder 1.49/lb
Imported from Norway Jarlsberg Cheese. Regular or Light, Freshly Cut at the Deli
Fresh Ontario Pork Loin 2.49/lb
Castello Gorgonzola or Arla Danish Fontina Cheese 12.99/lb
Fresh Ontario Pork Loin 2.99/lb
Silani Fresh Mozzarella Cheese 3.99 each
Fresh Lean Ground Beef 3.99/lb
Fresh Mini Seedless Watermelons 2.99 each
Fresh Black Plums 2.99/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Mushrooms 1.99 each
Dole Salad Blends or Kits 2.99 each
Fresh, Organic Premium Bananas 0.89/lb
Fresh, Organic Braeburn Apples 1.99/lb
Fresh Blueberries 2.99 each
Fresh, Organic Carrots 1.99 each
Fresh Apples 1.99 each
Fresh Orchids 14.99 each
Fresh White Potatoes 1.99 each
Fresh Rocha Pears 1.49/lb
Fresh Red Navel Oranges 1.49/lb
Ontario Homegrown Fresh Green Cabbage 1.49 each
Fresh Celery 1.49 each



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