Iogo Probio Coupon – Save $1 on Probio Yogurt 2015

Iogo Coupon - Save $1 on Iogo Probio Yogurt

Here’s a coupon for Iogo Probio yogurt.  What’s Probio yougurt? I was just reading up on it in the Globe and Mail and this is what it said about it:

Probiotics are live organisms often referred to as “friendly,” or good, bacteria. The most in-depth scientific studies on them to date are in the area of digestion; research in other areas is piling up now.

In short, it means that Probio is good for your body..  You can read up on the probio yogurt here at the Globe and Mail.   On that note, here’s a coupon to save $1 on Iogo Probio yogurt.  You can find the coupon at’s website.

Save money on yogurt - save $1 on Iogo Probio

The scientific community generally recognizes that for a clinical effect to occur, at least one billion living probiotic bacteria must be present in each 100-g serving of the product. Each 100-g serving of IÖGO Probio contains more than one billion BB-12® Bifidobacterium lactis and LA-5® Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotics. Since probiotics do not stay in the digestive tract, it is recommended to eat IÖGO Probio every day to enjoy their benefits on digestive tract health.  You can find Iogo Probio yogurt in any supermarket, Walmart and any grocery store.  This coupon is valid only in Canada.


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