Johnson’s Baby Coupon – Save $1 on any Johnson’s Baby Product

Johnson's baby Product

Johnson’s Baby Coupon is a printable coupon.  You can print this coupon from your home.  First thing you have to do is create an account at HealthyEssentials and then you will be able to select your coupons to print.  There are 4 pages of coupons and they are all from Johnson’s and Johnson’s.  This is a printable Johnson’s Baby coupon to Save $1 on any Johnson’s Baby product including Johnson’s baby powder, Johnson’s baby shampoo, Johnson’s baby lotion, or Johnson’s baby body wash.  Visit HealthyEssentials website to get your coupon.

Johnson's baby Coupon - Save $1 on any Johnson's baby Product

Johnson’s baby Coupon – Save $1 on any Johnson’s baby Product

Johnson’s baby Coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can find Johnson’s baby products in any supermarket or drugstore.  Here are examples of some prices of Johnson’s baby products at :

  • Walmart = Buddies Easy-Clean Body Wash, 248 mL = $3.78
    • Johnson Baby Toiletries = $7.77
    • JOHNSON’S® Natural® Baby Lotion 266mL = $4.97
    • Johnson’s (R) Baby Oil w/ Aloe Vera 414ml = $3.27
    • JOHNSON’S® Natural® Head-to-ToeTM Baby Wash 266ml = $4.97
    • JOHNSON’S* Baby Lotion Regular 444 ml = $4.64
    • J&J Baby Shampoo Gold = $4.64

It is recommended that you use a moisturizer that is made specifically for your baby’s special needs. Your baby’s skin is thinner, and it is also more vulnerable to friction (chafing), detergents and other harsh agents. JOHNSON’S Baby Lotion is hypoallergenic and gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin. Clinically proven to be gentle and mild, it contains no harsh ingredients and can be used every day to moisturize, soften and protect her skin from dryness. Use it after your baby’s bath or anytime your baby’s skin needs extra moisturizing.


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