Liberte Coupon – Save $1 off the purchase of Liberte Greek Yogurt

Liberte Greek Yogurt Coupon Canada

I found this Liberte coupon while wandering the aisles of the supermarket.  You can find it near the yogurt, refrigerated section of the grocery store.  This is a Liberte coupon to Save $1 the purchase of Liberte Greek Yogurt.  It’s valid for Liberte Greek Yogurt sizes 4x100g, 500g, 750g format.  Excluding Liberte Greek Organic Yogurt.

Liberte Greek Yogurt Coupon Canada Save $1

Liberte Greek Yogurt Coupon Canada Save $1

Liberte coupon is valid only in Canada and expires December 31, 2013.   You can find Liberte Yogurt in any supermarket, grocery store, Walmart and more.  Here is an example of pricing at:

  • Loblaws = $3.99
  • Sobeys = $3.99
  • Longos = $3.99
  • Metro = $3.49
  • Zehrs = 500g $4.49
  • Food Basics = $3.49

To choose a new pur and simple design to honor our Liberté Greek yogurt recipe, that is our Liberté.

A type of yogurt crafted using traditional Greek methods. A yogurt strained according to the principles of old-time cheesecloth draining, which gives it an incredibly rich and creamy texture and one that’s absolutely free of fat. As surprising as it is delicious.

Requiring  three times more milk than a regular yogurt, Greek yogurt also contains twice the protein of any other regular yogurt. It’s an excellent source of energy and the perfect choice for a low-fat diet.


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