Listerine Cool Breath Coupon – Save $0.50 off Listerine Fresh Burst

Listerine Coupon - Save $0.50 fresh packs

Listerine coupon can be found on’s website.  Select the coupon, create an account and print it directly from your own computer and printer.  This is a Listerine coupon to save $0.50 off Listerine Fresh Burst floss product.  You can find Listerine Floss products in any supermarket or grocery store.  I found a price at Walmart for $5.77 and with the coupon it will be $5.27.

Listerine Coupon - Save $0.50 fresh packs Canada

You can use printed coupons in any supermarket or grocery store.  I’ve used them at Walmart, Loblaws and Shoppers with no problems in the past.  LISTERINE® POCKETPAKS® kill over 99% of bad breath bacteria. It’s an instant breath freshener that can be used anytime, any place. It’s discreet because it dissolves instantly and is effective in keeping your breath clean by killing bad breath bacteria. Sugar free. No calories.


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