Longos Flyer valid Oct 31 – Nov 13, 2014

Longos Flyer

Longos Flyer valid Oct 31 – Nov 13, 2014.  Save money on groceries while shopping at Longos this week.  Below is the flyer to help you with you shopping.

Page 1

Cut From Canada AAA Grade Certified Angus Beef Inside Round Steaks or Roasts
11.00/kg $4.99  /lb  SAVE $1/lb
Fresh Muscatel Grapes
Product of Italy
3.73/kg $1.69  /lb
Longo’s Stone Baked Thin Crust Pizza
337-400g box
Individual $3.99
selected varieties 3 FOR $9.99  $1.66 ea
Pepsi Soft Drinks
12x355mL case
Individual $3.99
selected varieties 3 FOR $9.99  $2.96 ea

Page 3

Fresh Organic Blueberries
Product of Argentina or Chile
6oz pkg $2.99
Fresh Organic Romaine Hearts
Product of U.S.A.
3 pack $3.99
Longo’s Organic Fresh White or Cremini Mushrooms
Product of Ontario
8oz pkg 2 FOR $4

Page 4

Canadian Cove Fresh Cultivated Mussels 5lb pkg
$9.99  $3
duBreton Boneless Pork Loin Centre Cut Chops Regular or Fast Fry
Pork raised without the use of antibiotics $5.99  /lb  UP TO $2.50/lb
East Coast Seafood Frozen Lobster Claws/Arms
454g pkg $14.99  $2
Fresh Boston Blue Fillets
17.61/kg $7.99  /lb  $1/lb
Fresh Ontario Lamb Rib or Loin Chops
28.64/kg $12.99  /lb  $2/lb
Fresh Organic Atlantic Salmon Fillets
*Fresh fish subject to availability $14.99  /lb  $2/lb
Fresh Stuffed Chicken Breast New
assorted varieties $3  ea  $1
Frozen Black Tiger Shrimp Raw Easy Peel
21-25ct bag
26-30ct bag $15.99  UP TO $3
High Liner Frozen Pan-Sear, Selects, Flame Savours
500-540g $10.99  UP TO $3.50
Longo’s Marinated Chicken Drumsticks
assorted flavours $3.99  /lb  50¢/lb
Maple Leaf Prime Boneless Chicken Breasts
17.61/kg $7.99  /lb  $2.50/lb
Toppits Frozen Seafood Appetizers
300g pkg $6.99  $2
VG All Beef Wieners
535g pack $6.99  $1
VG Fresh Ontario Lean Ground Beef
No growth hormones and never fed antibiotics $6.99  /lb  $1/lb

Page 5

Dan-D-Pak Salted or Unsalted Cashews
908g container $12.99  $2
Fresh Asian Pears
White or Brown
Product of China
3.29/kg $1.49  /lb
Fresh Bartlett Pears
Product of U.S.A.
3.29/kg $1.49  /lb
Fresh Bosc Pears
Product of Ontario
3.29/kg $1.49  /lb
Fresh Mini Seedless Watermelon
Product of Mexico $2.99
Fresh Organic Yellow Flesh, Russet, or Red Potatoes
Product of Canada
5lb bag $3.99
Fresh Red Grapefruit
Product of U.S.A.
1.52/kg 69¢  /lb
Fresh Sweet Yams
Product of U.S.A.
2.18/kg 99¢  /lb
Fresh Zucchini or Fresh Eggplant
Product of Mexico
3.29/kg $1.49  /lb
Mann’s Fresh Broccoli Cole Slaw or Rainbow Cole Slaw
Product of U.S.A.
340g bag $1.69
Premium Long-Stem Roses with Baby’s Breath
one dozen
assorted colours
Product of Ecuador
· Higher Quality
· Larger Blooms
· Longer Vase Life
60cm Stems $16.99  $3

Page 6

*Saturday and Sunday
reg retail is $9.99 $7.99
Longo’s Signature Fully Cooked Meats
Butter Chicken,
Pot Roast,
Pork Ribs,
Pulled Pork,
600-800g pkg
Just heat & eat

Page 7

Danish Havarti Cheese
12.20/lb $2.69  /100g  30¢/100g
Kaltbach Emmenthal and Gruyere
In-store tasting Nov. 1st & 2nd $4.99  /100g  70¢/100g
Longo’s Bakery Fresh Cookies
10 pack 500g
selected varieties
Baked in-store! $3.99  $1
Longo’s Garlic Bread
325g pkg $2.49  50¢
Longo’s Omega 3 Muffins
selected varieties $3.99  50¢
Longo’s Signature Cheesecake
selected varieties
NEW! $9.99  $2
San Daniele Mortadella
4.49/lb 99¢  /100g  40¢/100g
Schneider’s Fat Free Turkey
12.20/lb $2.69  /100g  30¢/100g
Stonemill Cranberry Pumpkinseed Bread
Prince Edward County Rye Bread
Baked in-store! $3.99  $1

Page 8

Astro KIK Drinkable Yogurt
200mL bottle
selected varieties 79¢  at least 40¢
Becel Magarine
454g tub
selected varieties $2.99  at least 50¢
Breyers Classic Frozen Dessert
1.66L tub $2.99  at least $1
Campbell’s Broth
900mL tetra
Individual $2.29
selected varieties 2 for $4  at least 59¢ ea
Campbell’s Chunky, Everyday Gourmet, Habitant, or Healthy Request Soup
Selected Sizes
Individual $2.29
selected varieties 2 for $4  at least 49¢ ea
Dempster’s 7” Tortillas
204-340g pkg
selected varieties $2.49  at least 70¢
Dempster’s Bagels
450-510g pkg
selected varieties $2.99  at least 80¢
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream, Novelties and Skinny Cow Frozen Novelties
500mL and 3-6 pk
selected varieties $4.99  at least $2
Knorr Dry Soup
4 packets
113-338g box
Individual $2.99
selected varieties 2 for $5  at least $99¢ ea
Lactantia Coffee Cream
1L carton
selected varieties $2.99  at least 50¢
Lactantia Lactaid Milk
2L carton
selected varieties $3.99  $2
Longo’s Almond Butter
500g jar100 THANK YOU POINTS $8.99  You earn 100 Points
Longo’s Balsamic Glaze
250mL bottle50 THANK YOU POINTS $6.99  You earn 50 Points
Longo’s Chia Seed
500g pkg100 THANK YOU POINTS $11.99  You earn 100 Points
Nestle Aero and Rolo Family Bars
95-105g bars
Individual $1.97
selected varieties 3 for $5  at least $1.01 ea
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Cracker Chips or Sweet Crisps
150-200g pkg
Individual $2.69
selected varieties 2 for $5  at least 49¢ ea
Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine, Red Box or Bistro Crustini
196-322g pkg
Individual $2.29
selected varieties 2 for $4  at least $1.99 ea
Villaggio Bread
or Buns
408-616g pkg
selected varieties $2.49  at least 80¢

Page 9

Allen’s Juice
8x200mL tetra
selected varieties $1.99  at least $1
Beatrice Sour Cream
500mL tub
selected varieties $1.49  at least $1.20
Black Diamond Cheese Bars
450g pkg
selected varieties $5.99  at least $2
Bounty Paper Towels
6 roll pkg
selected varieties $4.99  at least $3.50
Cheemo Perogies
907g pkg
Individual $2.49
selected varieties 2 for $4  at least $1.29 ea
Cheerios* Cereals
260-500 g,
Oatmeal Crisp* Cereals
425-505 g $3.49  at least $1.00
Glad Kitchen Catchers
pkg of
30-48 count $4.99  at least $2.50
Greenworks Cleaners
2 pack
selected varieties $4.97
Lactantia PurFiltre Milk
1%, 2%, or Skim
4L bag $4.99  $1.30
Minute Maid Chilled Beverages
1.75L bottle
selected varieties $1.99  at least $2
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
216-430g box
Individual $2.79
selected varieties 2 for $5  at least 49¢ ea
Smucker’s Jam
500mL or
Simple Blends
390mL jar
selected varieties $3.29  at least 70¢
Stonemill Wellness Breads
454g pkg
selected varieties $2.99  at least $1
Swanson Skillet Meals
624-652g pkg
selected varieties $3.99  $2.50
Yorkshire Valley Organic Chicken Fillet or Nugget
454-480g box $7.99  at least $2

Page 10

Astro Original Multipack Yogurt
12x100g pkg
selected varieties $2.99  at least $2.80
Christie Cookies
280-300g box
Individual $2.29
selected varieties 2 FOR $4  at least $1.49 ea
Fresh Canadian Atlantic Salmon Steaks
13.21/kg Value Pack $5.99  /lb  $5/lb
Fresh White Potatoes
Product of Ontario
10lb bag $1.99
Old Dutch Bleach
3.2L bottle 97¢



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