Minute Rice Coupon – Save $1 on Minute Rice Products

Minute Rice Coupon - Save $1 on Minute Rice Products

Minute Rice coupon can be found on Websaver.ca’s website.  This is a printed coupon or mailed coupon.  Visit the website and select the coupon.  You can either print this coupon directly from your own printer or have it mailed for free to your mailing address.  This is a Minute Rice Coupon to save $1 when you buy any one Minute Rice Basmati or Jasmine 500 g rice product.

Minute Rice Coupon - Save $1 on Minute Rice Products Canada

You can find Minute Rice in any grocery store.  At Walmart it’s selling for $3.97, with the coupon it will be only $2.97.

This coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can use in any major grocery store in Canada.  Minute Rice® Jasmin Rice is a naturally aromatic rice from the high plateaus of Thailand.  For centuries, Jasmine rice was cultivated for the royalty of the kingdom of Siam.  When cooked, it is soft, white and fluffy.  Minute Rice® Jasmine Rice uses only the finest Thai Hom Mali variety rice which enjoys an international reputation for its superior quality and aroma.  The taste of this rice goes perfectly with Asian and tradionnal dishes.  Minute Rice® brings you this unique and delicious rice, now in pre-portioned pouches to lock in freshness, while still being quick and easy.



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