Natrel Cafe Coupon – Save $0.50 on any Natrel Cafe Product

Natrel Cafe Coupon

Natrel Cafe coupon is a mailable coupon.  I added it to my cart but it said it’s not available for my province.  I live in Ontario.  I went through all the provinces at the top and Natrel coupon is only valid for residents in Quebec.  You can find Natrel Coupon in  You must select 3 coupons or more to even see your coupons cart (which is strange).  Anyways, after you select 3 or more, you can claim your coupons.  GoCoupons will mail out your coupons to you for free.  Natrel coupon is to save $0.50 on any Natrel Cafe product.

Natrel Cafe Coupon Save $0.50

Natrel Cafe Coupon Save $0.50

Natrel coupon is valid only in Quebec.  You can find Natrel cafe products in any supermarket.

Natrel Café. The essence of milk and cream in four delightful flavours, French Vanilla, Mocha, Irish Cream and No Sugar Added French Vanilla. Natrel Café sets a new standard for flavoured coffee cream. Made with real cream and packaged in unique 425ml bottles with an easy open/close pouring cap, Natrel Café is ideal for all occasions.  Made with Real Cream. Reach for Natrel Café in the dairy section and relive the atmosphere of a café terrace in your own home.


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