Nestle Icecream Coupon – BOGO Free Peelin’ Pops at Mac’s

Nestle Peelin'Pops Coupon

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer at Mac’s with this buy one get one free Nestle icecream coupon.  Buy a Nestle Icecream Peelin’ Pops PelPops and get one free.   Visit this link here, print off the coupon and bring it into your local Mac’s convenience store.  Coupon is valid only between Sept 2-8, 2013.

Nestle Peelin'Pops BOGO Free Coupon

Nestle Peelin’Pops BOGO Free Coupon

Nestlé Canada is thrilled to introduce Peelin’ Pops, a unique new frozen treat that looks like a banana and tastes like one too!  Peelin’ Pops have an edible banana flavoured gummy peel and a creamy, delicious vanilla centre.

Bite, Peel, Enjoy

Eating a Peelin’ Pops is as easy as bite, peel and enjoy:

Step one: Bite the tip of the bar
Step two: Peel the “banana skin”
Step three:  Enjoy the creamy vanilla filling!

Peelin’ Pops are the perfect addition to backyard barbecues, afternoon play dates, birthday parties or whenever you want a fun, delicious treat. You can even get creative – come up with different ways to enjoy Peelin’ Pops, like eating the peel first or saving it for last. With something so fun and tasty, kids and adults alike will be entertained each and every time, keeping them coming back for more.


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