Poise Coupon – Save $1 on Poise liners

Poise Coupon Groceries Canada
Poise coupon can be found on Save.ca’s website. It is one of the new coupons this month featured at the top of the site to help you save money on groceries and personal care items. Poise coupon is a mailed coupon so select, claim the coupon and it will be mailed to you for free and you should get it withi 1-3 weeks. Poise coupon to help you save $1 on any Poise product.

Poise Coupon Canada

You can find Poise products in any supermarket and drug store. This coupon is valid in any supermarket and drug store in Canada. If you have Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), it’s time you met Poise SAM (Super Absorbent Material). Designed to lock away wetness better than period pads and liners, you’ll find SAM in the full line of Poise products.


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