Printable GE Coupon – Save $1 on GE Reveal Light Bulbs

GE Reveal Light Bulb Coupon

This is a new coupon on’s website.  Visit the site and print off your coupon.  Some stores don’t accept printed coupons, but I’ve used my printed coupon at Walmart, Metro, Loblaws, Shoppers and had no problems.  This is a printable coupon to Save $1 when yo purchase any GE reveal Light Bulb.

GE Reveal Light Bulb Coupon Save $1

GE Reveal Light Bulb Coupon Save $1

GE coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can find GE reveal light bulbs in any supermarket, grocery store, Walmart, Shoppers and more.  Here is an example of pricing at:

  • Walmart = GE Reveal 40W 2pk = $3.74
    • GE Reveal 13W CFL Spiral 2pk = $11.39
    • GE 65W R30 Reveal 1pk = $6.26
    • GE Reveal 40W Appliance Bulb 2pk = $3.74
    • GE Reveal 40W Medium Base 2pk = $3.74
  • Candian Tire = GE Reveal Multi-Purpose A15 Base Bulbs, 4-Pk = $15.99
    • GE Reveal CFL Bulbs, 2-Pk = $14.99
    • GE Reveal PAR 30 Halogen Flood Light = $11.99

GE Reveal® bulbs fill your rooms with clean, beautiful light®. GE reveal® technology filters out dull, yellow rays, bringing out colors and patterns that go unnoticed under regular incandescent light. GE reveal® ceiling fan bulbs feature a rugged filament that resists fan vibration better than a standard incandescent bulb, making these bulbs the ideal choice for ceiling fans. These color-enhanced full-spectrum bulbs make colors and patterns pop, creating enhanced, vivid surroundings.


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