Rimmel London Coupon to Save $2 on Makeup

Rimmel London Products Coupon Save $2

Rimmel London Coupon to Save $2 when you purchase 2 of your favourite Rimmel London products worth $10 or more.  Rimmel London is a favourite makeup brand used by everyone across the world including Kate Moss.

This is a printable coupon from SmartSource and only available on Rimmel London’s Facebook page.  Click here to visit and print out the Rimmel London Save $2 Coupon.

Rimmel London Makeup Coupon Save $2

Rimmel London Makeup Coupon Save $2

Coupon is valid until June 30, 2013.

Excerpt from Rimmel London’s Homepage:

“When it came to finding a face to project the image of Rimmel London, there was really only one possible choice. So, in September 2001, for the first time in its history, Rimmel signed an exclusive, global contract with Britain’s own homegrown supermodel, Kate Moss.

Born and bred in London, Kate is, despite her international lifestyle, in many ways the quintessential London girl. Inspirational yet accessible, her highly individual style and quirky glamour are rooted in the London street scene, and epitomise Rimmel’s experimental, no-set-rules beauty philosophy.

Kate, who has been using Rimmel since she was a teenager – “Heather Shimmer lipstick was my favourite!” she remembers – closely identifies with the brand’s London connections. “There’s so much going on in London, with all the clubs, galleries and our amazing designers,” she comments. “We’ve got freedom of choice, and people can create their own style.”

The instinctive understanding between Kate Moss and Rimmel has evolved into one of beauty’s most potent partnerships, with the supermodel’s own hip, fashion-forward image complementing Rimmel’s cutting-edge cosmetics vision to create the definitive cool, streetwise London look.”



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