Save $3.00 on St. Ives Product Line

St. Ives Body Wash

New mailable coupon from  You can save $3.00 on the purchase of 2 products from different St. Ives product lines.  This coupon is valid only in Canada.  St

St. Ives Save $3 Mailable Coupon

St. Ives Save $3 Mailable Coupon

Found St. Ives at Walmart.  Prices:

  • Walmart = St. Ives Body Wash Energizing Citrus 709 ml = $3.97
    • St. Ives Body Wash Exfoliating Apricot 709ml = $3.97
  • Loblaws = St. Ives Body Lotion 600 mL = $5.49

Awaken your senses with St. Ives Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash. Featuring an uplifting scent of citrus, mint and eucalyptus, this moisture-rich formula doesn’t just cleanse, it invigorates.


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