SnapSaves Trident Offer – Save $1 on Trident White Gum

SnapSaves Save Money on Groceries with Coupon AppSnapSaves is a free coupon app that you can use to save money on groceries.  SnapSaves has a grocery list on their website with cash back offers to give to you if you purchase that item and upload a receipt on the SnapSaves coupon app. This week there is a cash back offer of $1 on Trident White Gum. Trident offers lots of delicious, sugar-free gum flavours sure to make you smile. No matter what else you’re doing, there’s a great-tasting gum to spark a smile for your brain that starts in your mouth. So, follow that feeling with Trident and See What Unfolds.  Below is a picture of what it looks like:

Trident White Gum Save Money on Groceries


Here are some prices of Trident White Gum:

  • Walmart = Trident White Peppermint = $2.98
    • Trident White 4-Pack = $1.50
    • Trident White Peppermint Bottle = $3.68

SnapSaves Cash Back Rebate offer:

  • Cash Back = $1.00


You can use other coupons to save money on Trident White Gum.

  • I didn’t find any other Trident White Gum coupons to use

SnapSaves offer is limited so claim your cash rebate soon.  You can download the SnapSaves coupon app for free or just browse their site to see their current offers.  You can visit their site here.  Each offer has different expiration dates and some have limited quantities so make sure to check the SnapSaves website or coupon app to ensure that you are purchasing an item that still has rebates still available.  A list of their current offers this week can also be found here. SnapSaves cash rebate offers are valid only in Canada.



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