Starbucks Coupon – Save $2 on any Starbucks Packaged or K-Cups

Starbucks Coffee Dark Roast Save $2 Coupon

You can find a coupon to save on your Starbucks packaged coffee or box of K-Cups at  Use the Starbucks coupon anywhere you can buy groceries in Canada.  The details of the coupon say:

Save $2 on the purchase of any (1) Starbucks packaged coffee or Starbucks coffee K-cups packs (10 or 16 count pack).

It’s a mailable or printable coupon.  You have to select at least 3 coupons for to mail the coupon to you.  It will take about 2-3 weeks to receive your coupon.   Here is what the coupon looks like.

Starbucks Coupon - Save $2 on Packaged Coffee, K-Cups

You can find Starbucks packaged coffee or their Starbucks k-cups in any grocery store such as Loblaws, Metro, Walmart, and No Frills.  You cannot use the coupon at Starbucks though.


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