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Advil Coupon – Save $2 on any Advil Product

I found an Advil coupon on Advil’s Canada homepage.  This is a printable coupon, you can print at home.  Once you print the coupon, bring to the store of your choosing and ask if they accept printed coupons.  Not all stores accept printed coupons.  I’ve used printed coupons at various stores including Walmart and Loblaws

Advil Coupon – Save $3 on Advil Muscle and Joint

Advil Coupon is available at Websaver’s website.  This is a printable or mailed coupon.  If you choose to print your coupon, you can print it from your own personal printer.  Bring it into the store and make sure they accept printed coupons.  I’ve printed coupons and brought it into Walmart and Loblaws to use with

Advil Coupon 2013 – Save $3 on Advil NightTime

Advil NightTime coupon is a printable or mailed coupon . You can find this Advil coupon on Websaver’s website along with other Advil daytime and muscle and joint pain coupons.  If you decide to have the coupon mailed, select the coupon, enter in your details and claim your coupon.  Your Advil coupon should arrive in

Advil Coupon – Save $3 on Advil Liqui-Gels

Advil coupon can be found on Websaver’s website.  Once you go to Websaver’s website, you can select to either mail or print this email.  If you choose to have this coupon mailed to you, select the coupon, create an account and claim your coupons.  The coupon will arrive within 1-2 weeks.  Advil Coupon is Save

Buckley’s Coupon from – Save $4 on Buckley’s

Buckley’s printable coupon is available now at  You can select the coupon and print it at home.  Save $4.00 with this printable Buckley’s Coupon, valid only in Canada and participating stores.  You can find Buckley’s liquid gels or caplets in supermarkets or any drugstores including Shoppers Drugmart, Walmart, Loblaws and more. Buckley’s Complete® + Extra

Polysporin Coupon – Save $2.00 on any Polysporin Product

Save $2.00 off any Polysporin Topical Antibiotic product.  Polysporin Heal-fast forumla helps prevent infection to heal minor wounds faster.  This Polysporin Topical Antibiotic product can be found in any drug stores or supermarkets in Canada.  This coupon is valid for Canada only. Found this coupon at Found a price at Walmart: Walmart = 30g

Save $1.00 off Crest Toothpaste Coupon from No Frills Expires May 31, 2013

Here is another coupon I found from the No Frills tear pad.  This coupon will save you $1.00 when you buy Crest Toothpaste.  It doesn’t actually say that you must buy the Pro-Health toothpaste, so I assume that you can buy any Crest toothpaste with it.  You can buy from any store in Canada.  You

Save $1.00 off Oral-B Manual Brush Coupon at No Frills Expires May 31, 2013

Here’s the second coupon I found at No Frills today.  This coupon is for an Oral-B Manual Toothbrush.  With this coupon you save $1.00 off any ONE Oral-B manual toothbrush. This coupon doesn’t specify which stores you must buy them in so I guess you can use this coupon in any store in Canada. Oral-B

Gillette Save $3.00 Coupon at No Frills Expires May 3, 2013

Found a couple coupons when I was walking around No Frills today in Mississauga.  This coupon is for Gillette products.  With this coupon you save $3.00 when you spend $12.00 on any Gillette product.  (Not applicable on trial size, travel size, special pack and bonus packs). This Gillette coupon is valid at any Atlantic Superstores,

Coldsore-FX $5.00 Rebate at Checkout 51 Mar 28, 2013

On Checkout 51’s list this week (Mar 28, 2013 to Apr 3, 2013) is COLDSORE-FX®, any COLDSORE-FX® product. You will get $5.00 cashback at Checkout 51. A cold sore is nobody’s friend.  These unsightly, contagious sore often appear around the mouth and lips.  They last about 10 days and usually when our immune system is weak.