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Coffee Coupon – Save $1.50 on Van Houtte Specialty Coffee

Wake up!!! Not awake? Buy more coffee.  Now you can buy more and save more coffee when you pick up this coupon.  There are many types of Van Houtte coffee but now you can enjoy their specialty coffee for a discount.   I found this Van Houtte Coffee coupon at   Below is what

Almay Coupon 2015 – Save $5 on Almay Face Products

Carrie Underwood is the new Almay brand ambassador.  She transformed from a shy Oklahoma girl to a budding superstar in 2005 when she won American Idol.  Since then she has sold 15 million albums worldwide and 18 #1 singles and six Grammys.  Her face is beautiful almost flawless.  That’s what I see from the picture.

Iogo Probio Coupon – Save $1 on Probio Yogurt 2015

Here’s a coupon for Iogo Probio yogurt.  What’s Probio yougurt? I was just reading up on it in the Globe and Mail and this is what it said about it: Probiotics are live organisms often referred to as “friendly,” or good, bacteria. The most in-depth scientific studies on them to date are in the area

Glade Coupon – Save $6 on a Glade Wax Warmer 2015

House smelling bad or having kids going to college? Stock up on Glade wax warmers before the school starts and they move out.  When they move into the dorm, they will need some sort of air freshener.  The Glade wax melter is a pretty good option.  It melts up the wax and fills up the

Philadelphia Coupon – Save $1 on Cream Cheese

Philadelphia coupon is a mailed and printed coupon available on’s website.  You can either choose to print or have websaver mail the coupons to you for free.  I usually choose to have it mailed in case the coupon doesn’t print properly.  You only get one chance.  This is a Kraft coupon to save $1

Otrivin Coupon – Save $3 on Otrivin Congestion Relief

Otrivin is a coupon that you can find on’s website.  Select the coupon and you can either print or have the coupon mailed to your mailing address. The coupons are all mailed for free.  You will get them within 2-3 weeks.  Otrivin coupon is to save $3 on saline severe congestion relief with sea

Wasa Coupon – Save $0.75 on Wasa Crispbread

This is a printable coupon for Wasa.  You can find this coupon on’s website.  Wasa coupon is a $0.75 rebate on any Wasa crisp bread purchase.  There are many different flavours of crisp bread including Wasa Ligh Rye, Wasa Sourdough Rye, Multigrain, Hearty Rye, and Fibre Rye. Wasa coupon is valid only in Canada

Ruffles Coupon – Save $1 on Ruffles Dip

Ruffles coupon is a mailable coupon that can be found on’s website.  Visit the website, select the coupon and claim your coupons.  You will receive your coupons within 2-3 weeks.  Ruffles coupon is to Save $1 on Buffalo Ranch Dip (425g). Ruffles coupon is only valid in Canada.  You can find Ruffles Buffalo Ranch

Rubbermaid Coupon – Save $1 on Rubbermaid Take Along Containers

Rubbermaid coupon is a mailable coupon found on’s website.  Select the coupon and claim your coupons.  You will receive the coupons within 2-3 weeks.  Rubbermaid coupon is to save $1 on the purchase of Take Along Containers. Rubbermaid coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can find Rubbermaid containers in any supermarket in Canada.

Hershey Coupon – Save $1 on Chocolate Hershey Drops

Hershey coupon to save money on Hershey Drops.  This is a printable and mailable coupon from  Visit their page to grab this coupon now.  Save $1 when you buy Hersheys’ Drops, Whole Nuts or Minatures (180-200g). Hershey coupon is valid only in Canada and can be found in any major grocery store in Canada.