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Dove Deodorant $1 Coupon + Sample Canada Only

Visit Dove’s facebook page and be one of the 26,000 people who get a free sample of Dove GoFresh Anti-perspirant products.  Plus you get a coupon for $2 off your next purchase.  You can visit the Dove Facebook page here.  When you click on the link to get your sample and coupon, you will be

Ivory Soap Coupon – Save $1 on Ivory Bar or Body Wash Canada Only

I found this Ivory soap coupon on’s website.  Visit Brandsaver this month, click on the coupon to select it and create our account at  All coupons are free and mailed for free from Brandsaver.  You will need to select between 4-32 coupons before they will process your order.  This is an Ivory coupon

Mailed Coupon to Save $1 on Nivea Aqua Effect Products Canada Only

This is a mailed coupon from which you can find in Nivea’s hidden portals.  Visit, click on the Nivea portal at the bottom and you will see this Nivea coupon.  Visit here to find Nivea’s hidden coupons.  You will receive this coupon in the mail within 1-2 weeks.  All coupons are free

Weight Watchers Coupon – Save $2 on Two Weight Watchers Bakery Products Mailed Coupon

Weight Watchers coupon is a new coupon available at  Select the coupon, and click on ‘Get my Coupons’.  Create an account with, and claim your coupons.  You will receive your coupons within 1-2 weeks from ordering them.  This is a Weight Watchers coupon to Save $2 on 2 Weight Watchers bakery products. Weight

Alokozay Coupon – Save $1 on any Alokozay Tea Mailed Coupon

Alokozay Coupon is a mailed coupon directly from  This is a manufacturer’s coupon that you can use to save money on premium tea.  Visit, select the tea coupon, and click on ‘Get my coupons’.  Create an account or sign into and claim your coupons.  You will receive your coupons within 1-2 weeks.

Disney Coupon – Save $7 WUB Disney Multi-Vitamin Gummies & Blu-Ray Movie

Disney coupon is a mailed coupon from  This is a new coupon and order it while quantity lasts.  Visit GoCoupons, order the Disney coupon, click on ‘Get your Coupons’, create an account, and claim your coupons.  You must select at least 3 coupons to proceed with your coupon order. You will receive your coupons

Micatin Coupon – Save $2 on Micatin Anti-Fungal Foot Care Canada

Micatin coupon is a printable coupon and also mailable coupon from  Visit, select the coupon and either print it at home or request mail it to your mailing address.  You will receive your coupon within 1-2 weeks.  This is a Micatin coupon to Save $2 on any Micatin Anti-fungal spray (85g) or

Cetaphil Coupon – Save $2 on Any Cetaphil Restoraderm Product

Cetaphil Coupon is a mailable coupon.  It’s hidden in one of the’s portals which you can find here.  Select the cetaphil coupon, create an account with and request your coupons to be mailed to your mailing address.  You will receive your coupons within 1-2 weeks.  All coupons are free and are mailed for

Aspirin Coupon – Save $4 on Aspirin Products Mailed Coupon

Aspirin Coupon is a mailable coupon available at  This is a new coupon which I found today.  Visit, select the coupon, create an account and claim your coupon.  After you claim your coupon you will receive it within 1-2 weeks.  Aspirin coupon is a coupon to save $4 on select Aspirin products. Aspirin

Royale Coupon – Save $1 on Royale Napkins Mailed Coupon

Royale coupon is a mailed coupon available at  Visit GoCoupons, create your own account, select the Royale napkins coupon and claim your coupon.  Once you claim it, GoCoupons should send it out and you will receive it in about 5-8 days.  All coupons are free and delivered for free.  This is a Royale Coupon