Poise Coupon – Save $1 on Poise liners

Poise coupon can be found on’s website. It is one of the new coupons this month featured at the top of the site to help you save money on groceries and personal care items. Poise coupon is a mailed coupon so select, claim the coupon and it will be mailed to you for free

Natrel Coupon – Save $1 on Natrel Milk

Natrel coupon is a mailable coupon that you can find on’s website. It’s a new coupon to help you save money on groceries. Visit’s website, select the coupon and claim the coupon. The coupon will arrive within 1-3 weeks. Natrel coupon is to save $1 on Natrel fine filtered milk 4L bag. Natrel

Bluewater Coupon – Save $1 on Bluewater Seafood

Bluewater seafood coupon is a mailed or printed coupon. Save money on groceries. You can find this coupon on’s website. It is a new grocery coupon so it’s a featured coupon. This coupon is to save $1 when you purchase any Blue Water seafood artisan recipe product. Bluewater seafood can be found in any

Revlon Coupon – Save $5 on any Revlon Face Product

Revlon coupon can be found on’s website.  Select the coupon, you can either have the coupon mailed or you can print it yourself from your own printer.  Printed coupons can be used in any supermarket or grocery store just like any coupon, the only thing is that you cannot duplicate the coupon otherwise they

Listerine Coupon – Save $1 on Listerine Mouthwash

Listerine coupon is a printed coupon from  Visit this week and select the Listerine Coupon, create an account and print off the coupon directly from your own printer.  This coupon is to save $1 off Listerine 1L or 1.5L product. You can print off coupons and use them in any supermarket or grocery

Glade Coupon – Save $4 Glade Automatic Spray

I found this coupon on’s website on their coupon page.  This is a Glade coupon that can be mailed or you can print it yourself as well.  I usually prefer the mail option because for me the print doesn’t always work.  Create an account at, select either to print or mail the coupon.

Lays Coupon – Save $1 on Lays Chips

This is a yummy coupon to find.  It’s a mailed or printed coupon from  I usually get the coupons mailed because downloading the software and printing doesn’t always work and then I lose the coupon.  If you want to mail the coupon, you need to select at least 3 coupons before will process your

Axe Temptation Coupon – Buy 2 Save $1 on Axe Dark Gold

You can find this Axe coupon at  This is a mailable coupon so you have to select at least 3 coupons, create an account and claim your coupons.  You will receive the coupons within 2-3 weeks.  Coupon details are that Buy 2 and Save $1 on any two (2) Axe Dark Tempation or Gold

Pedigree Coupon – Save $5 on Pedigree Dog Food

Save $5 on Pedigree Dog food with this mailable and printable coupon.  You can find this coupon on’s website.  If you want to print the coupon, you just need to select the coupon, create an account, download a software, and have connection to a printer.  Printing the coupon is cool but if you try

Starbucks Coupon – Save $2 on any Starbucks Packaged or K-Cups

You can find a coupon to save on your Starbucks packaged coffee or box of K-Cups at  Use the Starbucks coupon anywhere you can buy groceries in Canada.  The details of the coupon say: Save $2 on the purchase of any (1) Starbucks packaged coffee or Starbucks coffee K-cups packs (10 or 16 count pack).