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Benefibre Coupon – Save $5 on Benefibre 2015

Fiber? No thanks!! All I can of when I hear fibre is like eating a bowl of wood chips.  It almost tastes the same and even if you put syrup or chocolate on it.  It’s still ply wood.  But fiber is an essential part of everyone’s diet.   Daily intake for women should be 25 grams

Dempsters Coupon – Save $2 on Dempsters Bagels

I love bagels.  I eat bagels before a race to give me enough carbs and energy for my run.    I remember one time when I didn’t eat pasta before a marathon, the morning of I was so hungry.  I was scouring for food on the race grounds before the race.  Luckily I found a food

Tetley Coupon – Buy 2 Get 1 Free Tea

Tetley coupon is a printable coupon.  This is one of the newest coupons available at Websaver.ca.  Visit Websaver.ca, select the coupon, and claim your coupons.  You just have to download their coupon software and then print directly from your own printer.   This coupon is a Tetley coupon to Buy 2 Tetley Tea Canisters 20s

Hershey Coupon – Save $1 on Chocolate Hershey Drops

Hershey coupon to save money on Hershey Drops.  This is a printable and mailable coupon from Websaver.ca.  Visit their page to grab this coupon now.  Save $1 when you buy Hersheys’ Drops, Whole Nuts or Minatures (180-200g). Hershey coupon is valid only in Canada and can be found in any major grocery store in Canada.

Rice Krispies Coupon – Save $1 on Rice Krispies Cereal

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies coupon is a print and mailed coupon.  You can find it at Websaver.ca’s website.  Coupon details are – Save $1 on any Rice Krispies product. Rice Krispies coupon is valid only in Canada.  You can find Rice Krispies cereal and treats in any supermarket including Loblaws, Metro, Walmart, No frills and more.

Minute Rice Coupon – Save $1 on Minute Rice Products

Minute Rice coupon can be found on Websaver.ca’s website.  This is a printed coupon or mailed coupon.  Visit the website and select the coupon.  You can either print this coupon directly from your own printer or have it mailed for free to your mailing address.  This is a Minute Rice Coupon to save $1 when

Jamieson Coupon – Save $2 on Vitamins

Save money on vitamins.  This is a hidden coupon found on Websaver.ca for Jamieson.  Visit Websaver.ca and scroll down to the bottom.  Click on the Jamieson image and you will be directed to a page just for Jamieson coupons.  You will find this coupon to Save $2 on your next purchase of any Jamieson product /

Rice Krispies Coupon – Save $1 on Rice Krispies Multi Grain Cereal

This is a hidden coupon available at Websaver.ca to save money on Kellogg’s Rice Krispies.   Go to the Websaver.ca website, scroll to the bottom and click on Kellogg’s coupons.  You will find two coupons in there including the Rice Krispies coupon.  This is a mailed or printed coupon and is to save $1 on

Ombrelle Coupon – Save $3.50 on Sunscreen

I love sunscreen coupons.  This coupon from Garnier Ombrelle is available at Websaver.ca.  It’s a printed coupon so have your printer ready.  Create an account or log into your existing one, select the coupon, download the software from Websaver and then print your coupon.  Make sure you are connected to a printer because you only

Vector Coupon – Save $1 on Vector Meal Replacement

There’s a coupon for Vector cereal and bars.  I found this coupon at Websaver.ca.  It’s a mailed or printed coupon.  After you create an account or log into your existing account, you can either choose to have this coupon mailed or printed.  If you choose to print your coupon, be prepared to download a software