Target Exclusive Scotch Tape Coupon – Save $0.75 on Scotch Tape

Scotch Magic Tape Coupon

From now until school starts, there will be a lot of Back to School sales.  At Target there are tons of Back to school coupons available to help you save money sending your kids back to school in September.  Visit, go to their coupons section and you can select this Scotch Tape coupon to be printed at home.  If you receive their flyer, you can also find their coupons in there as well.  This is a Scotch Tape coupon to save $0.75 on Scotch magic tape.

Scotch Magic Tape Coupon - Save $0.75 Target exclusive

Scotch magic tape is an exclusive coupon to Target and only valid in locations across Canada.  You can buy scotch tape in any store including Target, Walmart, Lobloaws, Superstore, Staples and more.  At Walmart, tape costs $2.57.  So if you find it at Target for more than $3.32, then it’s best just to buy it at Walmart.

Scotch magic tape – mend it, seal it and secure it with this permanent transparent tape. Non-yellowing tape disappears when applied, and stays invisible over time. Can be written on. Available in a variety of lengths, widths and core sizes. Refillable dispensers also available.


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