Unlock Checkout 51 Offers from Christie Corner – July 11-17, 2013

Checkout 51 Christie Exclusive Cash Rebate Offer July 11-17, 2013

I got a message from Checkout 51 that I have an exclusive offer from Christie that I haven’t unlocked yet.  Last week was the Christie Potato Thins with $2 cash rebate.  I immediately purchased and got rebate for those.  I wonder what this weeks’ exclusive offer is!  Here’s the message I got from Checkout 51:

Your account has an exclusive offer from Christie that hasn’t been unlocked yet.  This week, all members will receive an awesome offer for $1 off any Christie crackers.  Unlock a second delicious offer from Christie for free.  It’s easy, just click the blue button below.

And this weeks’ exclusive offer is:

Any Christie Cracker

115g – 500g, any variety
$1.00 Cash Back

Thinsations – Exclusive Christie Corner Offer

Any variety.  Excludes single-serving 22-23g sizes
$1.00 Cash Back

You have to click on the blue button and the exclusive offer will show up on your Checkout 51 app.  Make sure the Thinsations item is in your app before you make the purchase to make sure you can get the cash rebate.  Cash rebate offers are valid only between July 11-17, 2013.  Please see Checkout51.com for more details.



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