V8 Coupon – Save $1 on V8 Vegetable Cocktail at Metro

V8 Vegetable Cocktail coupon

V8 Coupon is a printable coupon only available on Metro Canada’s website.  You can see this a link to their printable coupons here.  You must print out this coupon before visiting the store because they only accept printed copies of their coupons.  You cannot show them the coupon on your phone.  V8 Coupon is to save $1 when you buy V8 vegetable cocktail.

V8 Vegetable Cocktail coupon Save $1

V8 Vegetable Cocktail coupon Save $1

V8 Coupon is valid only in Metro grocery stores across Canada.  Coupon expires September 5, 2013.

V8 100% vegetable juice has the delicious taste and wonderful nutrition that you have come to love over the years. Its zesty, robust flavor wakes up your taste buds and gives you more than a full serving of vegetables — all for 50 calories per 8-ounce serving. V8 100% vegetable juice proves that good things, like taste and nutrition, never go out of style.



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