Vector Coupon – Save $1 on Vector Meal Replacement

Vector Coupon - Save $1 on Vector Cereal and Bars

There’s a coupon for Vector cereal and bars.  I found this coupon at  It’s a mailed or printed coupon.  After you create an account or log into your existing account, you can either choose to have this coupon mailed or printed.  If you choose to print your coupon, be prepared to download a software and be connected to a printer.  If it doesn’t print the first or second time, you won’t get a chance to get the coupon mailed to you.  I usually just request the coupon to be mailed in case there are any hiccups in printing it.  The coupon usually arrives pretty fast within 2-3 weeks.  Coupon details – Save $1 on the purchase of any Vector Meal Replacement 400g or Vector Energy Bars 22g.

Vector Coupon - Save $1 on Vector Cereal and Bars Mail and Printed Coupon

This coupon is valid in any grocery stores across Canada.  You can find Vector cereal and bars in any supermarket.  I’ve used printed coupons in Loblaws and Shoppers Drugmart with no problems.

“MEAL REPLACEMENT IN A BOWL* with protein, carbs and 22 vitamins and minerals. VECTOR* flakes and skim milk is a meal replacement made of great tasting crunchy flakes and granola clusters.  A 55 g serving of Vector* Meal Replacement with 200 ml of skim milk provides: 54 g of carbohydrates, a good source of protein, 22 vitamins and minerals. PROTEIN is important to help build and repair body tissues including muscle. As your activity level increases, so does your need for protein. CARBOHYDRATES provide fuel for physical activity. Carbohydrates should provide 45 to 65 percent of your energy needs. VITAMINS AND MINERALS play an important role in active bodies. Vitamin B1 releases energy from carbohydrates, and calcium helps in the formation and maintainance of strong bones.” Direct from the Kellogg’s website about Vector Meal Replacement.


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